Council accepted cesspit filters

PC Environmental Ltd is New Zealand based, and all products are locally manufactured to accommodate your site requirements, enabling units to be installed with minimal fuss or delay.

PC Environmental Filter Units are council accepted and adhere to current council guidelines.

  • At source filtration – Removes gross pollutants from storm water
  • Custom Measured – CNC profile frame providing strength and durability
  • Minimal Head and hydraulic Loss
  • Fail Safe Overflow – eliminates flooding when the unit is full
  • Ease of installation/removal – All units are bolted into the cesspits at 2 points allowing ease of removal if required
  • Filter Bags – fabricated  with a 200 micron filter mesh with an internal oyster mesh bag for protection. Handles on the bag allow for ease of removal for cleaning purposes


What makes up the filter


council cesspit filter

All materials used in the manufacture of PC Environmental filters are specifically selected for their reliability, strength and durability.

The PC Environmental Filter is made from durable, non-corrosive materials including:

  • Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel fastenings
  • Silicon sealant
  • 200 micron filter mesh and oyster mesh liners


Filter Frame:

storm water drainage

The aluminium filter frame CNC formed to enhance material strength.

The Aluminium filter frame is laser cut for accuracy and a quality finish then CNC formed to enhance the materials strength and rigidity.

Assembled filter unit in display case The aluminium filter frame profile showing fail-safe overflow.


Filter media:

cesspit filter bag








The 200 micron filter mesh is protected by an inner shell of strong oyster mesh for added strength and stability if maintenance cleaning is conducted by vacuum suction.

Display sample filter bag and media. Bags are made deeper dependant on the depth of specific catch pits.

Display model constructed for mobility to view on request.


Cesspit Sizing Reference

Cess pit sizes Width x Depth x Height PCE Ref
Cess pit 300 x 300 x 630 PCE001
Cess pit 450 x 300 x 630 PCE002
Cess pit 450 x 300 x 900 PCE002
Cess pit 450 x 450 x 900 PCE003
Cess pit 450 x 450 x 1200 PCE003
Cess pit 675 x 450 x 1200 PCE004
Cess pit 675 x 450 x 1650 PCE004
Cess pit Round 530mmØ PCE005

Capture data | Product – 200 micron filter bag

Gross Pollutants Any material typically >5mm in diameter such as bottles, plastics, cans, packaging materials and various other products 95%
Sediment Any solid material >200 microns (organic & mineral) 93%
TSS – Total Suspended Solids Measures the mass of fine organic particles suspended in water. Typically this relates to solid materials greater than 100 microns 67%
Vegetation – organic Materials such as grass, leaves, small twigs typically greater than 200 microns in diameter 95%
TP – Total Phosphorus Organic material and suspended solids typically contain Phosphorus 43%
Hydrocarbons Any oils that do not emulsify in water Approx 18%
TN – Total Nitrogen Any traces of Nitrogen found in water samples 22%



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